Saturday Morning Post: This Pup is Pooped

22 Jun

Dog sleepingSomeday I’ll write about my younger son, Michael, and the string of illnesses he’s had for the last 13 years.  Today, I’ll simply say that I was awakened yesterday morning to my son’s moanings.  He most likely has food poisoning. Needless to say, he spent the day (when he had breaks), sleeping in the hallway close to his bathroom.  I spent many hours keeping him company in the same spot.

Motherhood is sacrifice.

Today, I just need to take it easy.  I have a few hours until I have to get ready for my older son, John’s, Saturday Poker Group.  These teen boys are great. They are only allowed (by the ‘FOUNDERS”) to join the group, if they are drug and alcohol free.  I’m happy to support the group by hosting poker tonight, but I’d rather spend the day being supported by a hammock.

Wishing you all a restful, summer weekend.

Cate Pane

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