20 Compliments for Kids from My Readers

26 Jul



I am so very grateful for the additional praise examples submitted by my readers yesterday!  As I mentioned, research guidelines from my previous post,  Writing What I Know:  Praising My Childhood Roots, were the standards for verbal reinforcement.  The following is our final list, including the newest submissions at the top.

  1. If there’s anyone I love more than you, it’s you. – Design College Chick
  2. Never allow another person to question your worth. – One Gentleman’s Perspective (Numbers 2-8, 15)
  3. It is impossible to disappoint me if you do your best.
  4. Always remember, I love you even more, at the times you may not love yourself.
  5. Never consider your “failure(s)” as a weakness, they are only lessons along the road for completing your goals.
  6. You are beautiful, just the way you are.
  7. No one can be a better you, than you. You are the greatest at being you.
  8. My life was made better the moment I saw you.
  9. I’m really glad I get to be your dad.  Art and Life Notes
  10. You see what you can do when you try (skill)? It’s wonderful! – Sensitive and Extraordinary Kids (Numbers 10-12)
  11. I love you more than the whole world and the whole universe, times a million, billion, gazillion (and a bunch of other silly words that don’t exist)!
  12. You make us so proud (when you “_____”!”
  13. You are a precious gift from God.  –  atimetoshare
  14. Thank you for being you. –  Pretend to Be Nice
  15. (Enter act here) was very polite/thoughtful of you BECAUSE… – Pretend to Be Nice
  16. I liked the way you (name kind deed) when no one was looking.  Donna D., Devoted reader :-)
  17. You were so brave when you (“act” especially for girls).  Diapers and Tutus
  18. You’ve improved a lot in (over time period x/ in this skill). You can do (skill) better now. – Journeys of the Fabulist
  19. No matter what goal you imagine, it is possible. As long as you believe in you, I believe in you. – One Gentleman’s Perspective
  20. I’m glad you’re my child. – Black Women Have It Going On

I promised April from Diapers and Tutus that I would pass along some of my previous posts on the subject of praise and the difficulties associated with calling our kids “smart.” Here they are:

How to Best Praise Your Child

The Joy of a Growth Mindset for Children and Writers

21. Thank you readers, for taking the time to craft appropriate compliment examples for all of us! :-)

Happy summer weekend,

Cate Pane


6 Responses to “20 Compliments for Kids from My Readers”

  1. April July 26, 2014 at 3:02 pm #

    Thanks for the links! I really enjoyed the posts and find it very useful! :)

  2. Leila Boukarim July 26, 2014 at 5:23 pm #

    This is a wonderful list!

  3. One Gentleman July 27, 2014 at 10:01 am #

    It is quite an honor as always. Sharing positive energy with others is part of my DNA. Lol. I am grateful for the mention.

    I will utilize these concepts when we finally have children, but until then, I will share with nieces, nephews and all other children. Their self esteem begins at home, so it is a shame when I learn a parent knowingly destroys a child’s self worth.

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